Dig It :
Paradise Bangkok (VIDEO)

Dig It :
Paradise Bangkok (VIDEO)


Dig It : Paradise Bangkok

Catherine Vanesse

3 July 2017

Since March, Arte has been broadcasting a web-series devoted to the research of the tomorrow’s sound.

The arrival of the Internet has truly upset the current musical world. Around the figure of the “digger”, a passionate researcher of rare sounds, the interactive series Dig it! travels the planet to immerse yourself in World Music and discover the rhythms and actors of of tomorrow’s music.

On an original idea by Sidonie Garnier, Jeanne Thibord and François Le Gall, the journalist Fabien Benoit wrote and directed 16 episodes of Dig It!. From music Luk Thung to Molam, the series could not fail to make a tour in Bangkok.

>> Gilles Peterson talks about thai music


Briton Chris Menist has been scouting Asia for years now, on behalf of labels looking for music to re-release. His niches include Thai, Yemenite, Afghan and Japanese music.

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