Expert in disorganization

Expert in disorganization



Expert in disorganization

By Catherine Vanesse

2 May 2017 (updated 20 June)


An ambitious project where creativity knows no limits, ChangChui will open on June 23 and features as a new “place to be” for lovers of art in all its forms.

From the road, the first thing you see is the enormous fuselage of a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar. Set amongst a patchwork of buildings made from salvaged materials, it harmonizes anachronistically with the highway in the background. Welcome to ChangChui!

A few weeks away from opening, the laborers are working under a blazing sun around the different structures of this new creative space in the heart of Thonburi, while artists make sculptures with recovered material. At this stage, the project seems well advanced, although it’s still difficult to imagine that the airplane frame will host a restaurant and VIP lounge, as well as a taxidermy exhibition…

Your desires are out of order

ChangChui marks the fulfillment of Somchai Songwattana’s life-size dream. A dozen people have embarked on this adventure alongside the famous fashion designer to create this ambitious, heterogeneous ensemble of art galleries, a theater, a movie theater, a concert hall, a co-working space, cafés, restaurants, a hair salon, a bookstore, and more. The venue decidedly mixes styles and is keen to attract a varied and international public.

From June 23, ChangChui will host visitors every day of the week from 4 pm to 11 pm. They will be able to enjoy permanent shops, exhibitions, the bookstore, and the co-working space, as well as one-time events and the weekly night market.

“Chang means ‘expert,’ while Chui can be translated as ‘disorganization.’ Normally, Chui is a negative word in Thai, but the association of the two words is a good example of Thailand today: an imperfect country. But at the same time, it’s within imperfection that you also find perfection,” explains Keerada Songwattana, project partner and Somchai’s niece.

ช่างชุ่ย Changchui
462 Sirindhorn Rd, Bang Phlat, 
Bangkok 10700
From 11 am to 11 pm
+66 (0)818 172 888

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