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Kings & Quince

By Christophe Chommeloux

11 April, 2017

The Quince Touch has earned its reputation with a produce-driven, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine in an unfussy setting. Just before the entrance of Sing Sing Theater, it’s the perfect place to warm up. After years of music at Bed Supperclub or Maggie Choo’s, Sanya knows the score…

How do you see 2017 for Quince? 

The year of multiplication! The partners are actively working on opening a Quince and sister brand Luka Café in Saigon, Vietnam. For that purpose we’ve hired a talented young French chef: Julien Perraudin.

You stand for quality music, what drives your choice for a DJ or a band to play? 

For DJs, I leave it to Kevin Lazykay, my French partner at Sing Sing. Given the (limited) budgets we have there aren’t that many talents available who travel in the region. Every Friday we have Scott Hess spinning vinyls, that’s a reference!

Personally I like virtuosity and the ability for musicians to have fun. For a general audience, the band just needs to connect with the crowd. For instance, every Sunday we welcome Dixielogy live for the Brunch.

If you could book anybody, dead or alive, who would you choose to set up the band of your dreams?

That’s a crazy question! Marvin Gaye on vocals, Prince on guitar, Jaco Pastorius on bass, Herbie Hancock and Jackie Mittoo on keys and Idriss Muhammad on drums! In the backup vocals, Mick Jagger and Beyoncé.


When not at Quince, where do you go to listen to good music in Bangkok? 

Smalls on Suan Plu, any night there is a great DJ (all living encyclopedia of music: Scott Hess or Justin Mills) and Soul Bar, passionately run by Romain Dupuy and where the band takes half the space!

Quince anthems?

Anything swanky. Al Green, The Drifters (a doo-wop band) or Fela Kuti!

Best memory of a gig in Bangkok? 

One of Laurent Couson’s Gainsbourg tribute gigs. Also the Billy Cobham concert at Bed Supperclub. It was amazing to see him play a few meters away from me.

What is music for you? 

A source of creativity. When I listen to any kind of music I always see something happening. I think of a possible way to stage it. A lot of the theme parties I did during the Bed Supperclub years and now at Sing Sing often stem from a single piece of music. I try to connect people together, in a single moment. In a more intimate setting like with friends who share the same taste in music, it’s a great way to talk about the musician’s life and what they have achieved as artists.

Sukhumvit 45, Bangkok 

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