What if, with a few changes, the bicycle was today the ideal way to explore the world of Vietnam. It’s a question of rhythm, discretion, and flexibility. It’s a question of state of mind too, and well-understood modern values.
In the past few decades, it has received a large number of artists and writers attracted by the locale’s serenity. Recently, the talented photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand rented the Port-Man Fort there for 30 years. Despite the years and governments that pass, the island of Port-Cros, a 7 km2 piece of land, indeed maintains the same charm and authenticity as 50 years ago.
Phetchaburi is often ignored or just passed through by tourists heading south. But with its rich history, its gorgeous temples and palaces and wide range of local treats, the city is a choice destination for travelers looking for serenity and old-fashioned splendor.