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Food Trotter: Tantalizing Guide

Whether as a food travel guide or as travel food guide, Food Trotter uses gastronomy to explore all facets of Thailand and its culture. This is a book that will delight everyone who is hungry for insights!

Southeast Asia 2018 : Ways &Waves

Eleven years after it was founded, the Southeast Asia volume published each year by the Research Institute on Contemporary Southeast Asia (IRASEC) has earned its stripes. Containing a collection of thematic articles on the region, it has become an essential reference work. Here’s why.

Photo : Dan Coffey

The Big Buddha Bicycle Race

The first volume of a trilogy, The Big Buddha Bicycle Race is a look back at the presence of American troops in Thailand during the Vietnam War, against a backdrop of sex, drugs & rock’n roll.

Insider chat with… Kaliane Ung

“I feel at home in literature”, says the young artist of Khmer descent, born in France and raised in the West Indies, now completing her PhD dissertation in New York after studying in Paris and Edinburgh. Within the span of three continents, she keeps exploring…

Michel Audiard, slant & slang

Linking Michel Audiard, the French dialog writer for Les Tontons Flingueurs, with Asia might first seem like a joke rather than a real essay subject. This was my first reaction when I was traveling through the region and Latitudes assigned me to write about the…

Enjoy life and keep challenges away

Just released in january, this must-have guide in english provides you with the vital information you need to prevent or better handle medical issues that may specifically occur in the Asian tropics, whether you are a local resident, an expatriate or international traveler.