Collagist and digital designer, Pariwat Anantachina develops an urban universe through cosmopolitan compositiions mixing photographs and vintage illustrations. In 10 years of creation, he has become one of the emblematic figures in the art of collage in Thailand.
At the crossroads of Art Nouveau and traditional Thai art, Narath Boriboonhiranthana creates really delicate paper cut art pieces. An abstract mix realized from concrete elements inspired by the personal history and the overflowing imagination of the artist.
The art of Wayang or Shadow theater goes back a long way and has remained untouched for centuries, until a Malaysian puppet master recently gave it
a new Force and a modern appeal.
In this solo exhibition, the visual artist Cherry Boonyapan is questioning time. The passage of time which disappears and diminishes year after year. The time which governs our lives and influences our attitude face to grief and absence.
Her experiential installation at Wat Prayoon in the frame of the Bangkok Art Biennale was undoubtedly one of its highlights. Now Nino Sarabutra has paired up with fellow ceramic craftsman Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch to create an exciting take on traditional techniques combined with a modern touch.