Macrobiotics : Open Sesame!

Macrobiotics : Open Sesame!



By Caroline Laleta Ballini

6 May 2019

Since 2010, Macrobiotic World has been offering natural organic food. The orientation and cooking mode follows macrobiotic teachings, that is, seeing the kitchen
as an alchemist’s lab, where ingredients are the raw material which will be transmuted into culinary gold.

Just before Nai Harn Lake, in Phuket, you will find Ali Baba’s cave.  By entering the shop, you are dumbstruck by the profusion of cereals, beans, grains, lentils, nuts, proteins, teas, powders, milks, bars, sauces with unknown names that fill the shelves.

For a tasting and introduction to the world of macrobiotics, just head for the restaurant and the pool.

We are what we eat! For meat lovers, it’s hard to get by without a good steak and we wrongly think that vegan cuisine must be boring to death. Totally inexperienced, I am eager to try the experiment. Crossing the shop, you reach a small restaurant that offers daily organic cuisine based on the precepts of macrobiotics and the weekend, an all- you-can-eat vegan buffet for only 300 Baht. What better way to discover the richness  of this teaching and the profusion of ingredients available? It’s tasty, hearty and delicious. Kostas and his wife know how to satisfy our palate with oriental flavors, but vegan. Their humus is the best that I have ever had, we devour the vegetable fritters and the salads, so varied, amazing the taste buds with new flavors. We find the real taste of food and it comes out without feeling bloated after 2 full plates. A must.

“We search therapies, relaxing techniques and balance through cuisines which were used in different civilizations in the past, such as Native American, Indian, Chinese, South East Asian, Arab, Ancient Greek. Creating our shop, Macrobiotic World, we aimed to get access and have the chance to become familiar with as many products we can find, in order to provide a better wellness of the body, ours and yours, by feeding it right and by taking good external care of it as well, in a sophisticated way, that includes raw and macrobiotic kitchen, cooking vegan and offering diet with omega 3-6-9 in order to renew the cells of the body, internal and external, juices, tea, oil, essential oil, oil for massage and balanced skin. All prepared and cooked in clay and stainless pots, in gentle heat so as to preserve the taste and the nutritional qualities. No MSG, sugar, refined salt, refined oil or any other artificial seasoning used in our cooking”, explains Kostas Douridas, creator and owner of Macrobiotic World.

The swimming pool on site allows you to bask in between 2 plates, as the buffet is served until 8 pm. If you want to buy some ingredients to improve your daily life by going back to the shop, the staff will be happy to guide you. Macrobiotic World also offers a range of cooking classes for an easier approach to macrobiotics.


Natural Efe Macrobiotic World

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