Elephant Parade : B2B, Trumpet your Message

Elephant Parade : B2B, Trumpet your Message


B2B, Trumpet your Message

Latitudes Team

3 March 2019

Elephant Parade® invites companies to be involved in the pachyderm’s defense through a bespoke, original and responsible communication.

Currently, there are only 50,000 asian pachyderms left on the continent, a population that has fallen by 90%, and whose natural habitat has been reduced by 95% in a century.

According to the Elephant Parade® social enterprise, the species may disappear from the wild within thirty years if nothing is done to protect them. With this goal, the social enterprise is helping to fund elephant protection and conservation programs by donating 20% of its net profits generated by selling fibreglass statues standing 150cm tall, in addition to smaller resin models measuring 10, 15 or 20cm tall.

Known through parading elephants around the world, Elephant Parade® also delve into the world of Business to Business sales and bespoke designs for companies and individuals to support elephant conservation. This Corporate Social Responsibility gifting offers unique and thoughtful gifts that give back, while demonstrating a social conscience that will set a company apart from its competitors.

From handcrafted replicas to fully bespoke designs, you can create gifts that represent exactly what you want, be it a personalised wedding gift design, a company logo or just a collection of your favourite replicas. As a result, an amazing artwork for a sustainable promotion.

The Peninsula, Shangri-La, David’s Kitchen, Chang Beer, BMW, Mercedes or River City have already partnered with Elephant Parade® to create their own elephants, which are usually on display in their lobby.

Jeanette Woelinga – Sales Manager Thailand
+66 (0)94 615 2399

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