Asia Plantation Capital, Lights on Green

Asia Plantation Capital, Lights on Green


Asia Plantation Capital

Lights on Green

Olivier Marie

14 January 2019

With over 160 plantations, 19 offices on four continents, and over 8,500 customers, Asia Plantation Capital (APC) brilliantly consolidates its position as a global leader in sustainable plantation management.

Managing sustainable plantations and having more than $650 million in forest assets worldwide, APC has planted 7.5 million trees and plants of various species all over the world, particularly in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand, and continues to plant more trees every day. The award-winning agroforestry group has distilleries in Malaysia and Thailand producing Oud oil which is extracted from the Aquilaria tree.

From Soil… To Oil… to You…

Oud oil is an extremely valuable commodity that has been prized throughout history. It is extracted from the resinous heartwood or agarwood of tropical Aquilaria trees. This resin, known as Oud or agarwood, is now one of the most important ingredients in the fragrance industry, with one out of eight major fragrances containing Oud.

Former APC Group CEO, Barry Rawlinson has been appointed as the new Chairman of APC, while Steven Watts takes over the reigns as Group CEO Asia. Barry expressed his sincere gratitude to all clients for their contribution and continual support in his address at the 2018 Annual General Meeting of APC Holdings on Saturday 13 October at the Intercontinental Hotel, in Bangkok.

The event was well attended by over 400 people who were either tree owners or stakeholders mostly from Thailand and neighbouring countries.

Socially, ethically and environmentally-friendly practices are also a constant concern for the company, as Barry Rawlinson, stated: “Asia Plantation Capital continues to remain steadfast in its ethos of ‘holistic sustainability’, ensuring that equal care, consideration and encouragement are given to all members of staff–from top and middle management all the way through to plantation workers and their families.”

Jinda Tonkhambai, Asia Plantation Capital Thailand’s Operations Director, then outlined the details of Asia Plantation Capital’s ongoing socially responsible activities, those that have been carried out over the last year, from which many local communities have benefited.

People, Planet & Profit

Private clients can become tree owners with APC and produce their own oud oil by purchasing young Aquilarias saplings that APC will manage as its own until the final harvest.

For more information, contact the Business Development Director of APC, Stéphane Sintès, a vastly experienced individual in agroforestry projects who originates from France but
who has great knowledge of Asia and Thailand.

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