One for all & all for yachts


One for all & all for yachts

Capitaine Chester

7 January 2019

After several months of discussion, all major parties involved in recent marine and luxury goods exhibitions in the region are coming together at Royal Phuket Marina with a co-organized unique event: the Thailand Yacht Show & RendezVous, from 10 to 13 January 2019.

In recent years, the yachting industry had repeatedly requested that there should only be one boat show in Phuket, instead of competing maritime event.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) also wished to present a united front of Thai nautical industry in a major event held in Thailand, which would demonstrate the government support for nautical tourism.

Hence, the organizers of the Thailand Yacht Show, the Phuket RendezVous and the Phuket Yacht Show have finally created a common “best boat show ever in Phuket.”

Andy Treadwell, Verventia’s director general and owner of Thailand Yacht Show (TYS) and Singapore Yacht Show, has joined forces with Gaël and Olivier Burlot, owners of Asia RendezVous, organizers of Phuket RendezVous and Singapore RendezVous. They all agreed to co-organize a unique event in each city. They were later joined in Phuket by Gulu Lalvani, owner of the Royal Phuket Marina.

Andy Treadwell explained that they would “work to develop over the years a new international event for nautical industry, so that Thailand becomes definitely a major destination for nautical tourism.” For his part, Gaël Burlot is convinced that “the nautical industry should begin to show a significant growth in that part of the world, which offers tremendous opportunities.”

The Thailand Yacht Show & RendezVous will consolidate the best features of their separate shows and intend to offer the definitive yachting and luxury lifestyle event in Phuket, which should unite the island’s maritime professionals and provide a long-term home for the region’s yachting industry.

Showtime, Folks!

TYSR will indeed enable nautical lifestyle seekers a excellent opportunity to view some of the most iconic brands and to get onboard a wide selection of the most impressive boats in the world.

All the major players in pleasure yachting will be in attendance, allowing visitors access to over 50 yachts and the opportunity to meet with local brokers, property developers and bespoke travel operators, as well as specialists within the hospitality and food & beverage industries.

Displaying not only yachts, superyachts and marine-related components, Thailand #1 Marine & Luxury Lifestyle will showcase classic and exotic cars, luxury waterfront properties, art, fashion, watches and fine food and beverages.

As well as the Luxury exhibitors, the Event will introduce a number of exciting features, such as fashion shows, live cooking demonstrations, live music, to over 7,000 expected visitors from Asia (Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam) and Europe (Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, France).

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