Food Trotter: Tantalizing Guide

Food Trotter: Tantalizing Guide


Food Trotter: Tantalizing Guide
Catherine Vanesse

27 November 2018

Whether as a food travel guide or as travel food guide, Food Trotter uses gastronomy to explore all facets of Thailand and its culture. This is a book that will delight everyone who is hungry for insights!

Discovering a country through its cuisine was Anne Coppin’s goal with Food Trotter, a series of travel guides in French whose first volume is devoted to Thailand, a country renowned for its rich gastronomy.

“A year and a half ago, I came to Bangkok to work on the second volume of my book, Happy World Food, which compiles recipes collected during my travels. This is where I told myself that I should make a more complete guide bringing together cooking and travel,” explained Anne Coppin.

Published in May 2018, Food Trotter Thailand immerses the reader in the history of Thai gastronomy, gives tips on eating locally, a selection of must-eat dishes, outings to find the best markets or street food spots, gourmet itineraries to discover the country from north to south, without forgetting Isan, a glossary to order your Thai dishes, a list of culinary shopping, as well as a few classic recipes to extend your trip and share its flavors with your friends. In short, this is a tantalizing guide that invites you to discover the kingdom, letting yourself be guided by your sense of taste.

“In total, it took me 18 months to release this book, which is actually a compilation of nearly 30 years of observation and trips to Thailand,” said the author, who identifies herself as a true gourmet adventurer. Originally from Lille, Anne Coppin was raised on waffles, fried pastries and Belgian beer! At 12, she was surprised by Thailand’s Asian cuisine while vacationing in the country with her family and fell completely in love with it.

“This first trip was a real discovery, a shock and, since then, I have had a special relationship with Thailand. For me, it’s emotion, flavors, smells… So, I come back here often to visit, or just to spend a few weeks in Bangkok to work on projects. I love Bangkok, it’s my favorite city,” confided the young woman. This passion for Thailand has turned into a desire to learn the language, which she self-taught at first, before attending classes at the Maison de la Thaïlande in Paris.

In 2016, she published a first Happy World Food book through her own publishing house, Umai – “delicious” in Japanese. “I worked in the cultural sector for 15 years, an experience which made me want to create my own publishing house to remain independent throughout the entire process. The idea is not just to publish my books, but also to have other authors in this theme of cooking and travel,” she said.

As a self-published book, Food Trotter Thailand is finally a personal and subjective guide, with sometimes a few gaps or errors that expatriates or residents in Thailand will not fail to note. “I almost added a note to specify that some of the information could be mistaken,” specified the author. And yet, the book provides an original and comprehensive look at the variety of gastronomy in Thailand.

Here, there are no restaurant lists and no assumed biases. We are far from the Michelin Guide, and it’s for the best. Presenting all of the essential dishes, vegetables, fruits and local spices, and providing tips to make the right choices for restaurants, Food Trotter prefers to sharpen travelers’ sixth sense to find the right place for delicacies.

Though she has not yet announced any dates, Anne plans to release other volumes: Vietnam, Lebanon, and Iran, among others.

More than enough destination ideas to continue the Food Trotter series. Perfect to keep on traveling hungry!

Available at Carnets d’Asie bookshop, in Bangkok and Phnom Penh

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