Sra Bua, Luxury & Street Credibility

Sra Bua, Luxury & Street Credibility


Sra Bua, Luxury & Street Credibility
Marine Wolf

26 November 2018

At the Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, the Siam Kempinski hotel’s restaurant, collaboration between the head chef Chayawee Suthcharitchan and Michelin star Henrik Yde Andersen resulted in a menu full of surprises.

Wonderment begins with a rediscovering of street food: coconut pancakes come with caviar, and the peanuts transparent bag reveals edible.

The Chef likes to tell about how he invented each course, such as the Five Spices Bouillon. “In Danemark, we bake the Danish Christmas cookie, which is made with five spices. When I cook the soup, it’s always Christmas.”

Some dishes were inspired by his astonishment when he discovered Thai cuisine, like the Tom Kha Corn and Chicken. Every dish offers a journey to Peru, Japan, France or Italy : Beef Ceviche Avocado, Green Curry Risotto, Lobster and Fava Beans, or Grilled Octopus Satay.

On the desserts side, pastel colours of the Cherry Rose with Lychee Foam delights your senses before charming your taste. Sticky rice goes with peach, turning its back to mango, topped by a cloud of sugar which looks like a veil when it melts.

Chef mischief has its height when he challenges us: will we be able to recognise candies in the shape of fruits, gelatin Lego bricks or red peppers made of sugar hidden among perfectly replicated originals?

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