Exhibition: Beyond the Mirror

Exhibition: Beyond the Mirror


Exhibition: Beyond the Mirror

Marine Wolf

13 November 2018

In order to commemorate the second anniversary of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s death, the Siam Hotel is hosting an exhibition by Bruno Tanquerel until the 15th of December.

Settled down in Thailand for many years, the french artist was deeply impacted by the culture of buddhism and the reign of the late king Rama IX.

Here, he presents a series of portraits explicitly influenced by Siamese culture and art, and inspired by the unique relationship that the King had with his people.

“Beyond the Mirror” reflects on the aesthetic side of His Majesty’s image and the theme of disappearance. The idea of a double image, of a mirror effect, emerges from Bruno Tanquerel’s work. “What was beyond the mirror?” the artist questioned.

With this approach, Bruno also gives an answer to another question: how can a Farang painter contribute to this image, this representation, hereafter everything that has been done by Thai artists?


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