Photo Phnom Penh: Close-up on Cambodia


Photo Phnom Penh:

Close-up on Cambodia

Latitudes Team

17 October 2018

Faithful to the orientations that were taken from the first edition, in 2008, Photo Phnom Penh continues to develop exchanges between Asian and European photographers and promotes, allows and highlights the emergence of a new Cambodian photography.

Across this ninth edition, visitors will be able to discover the works of artists from around the world, including those of the French Charles Fréger, Olivier Culmann and Floriane De Lassée, Cambodians Lim Sokchanlina, Mak Remissa, Ly Min and Suong Mardy, as well as Daesung Lee’s (Korea), Watsamon Tri-yasakda (Thailand), Yang Ming (China), Alexey Shlyk (Be- larus), Yoshinori Mizutani (Japan) and Michael Vickery (United States).

The exhibitions will take place throughout the Cambodian capital, in galleries or on the walls of the city including those of the French Embassy, where Charles Fréger will present two excerpts from two series that echo the old popular traditions in Europe and Asia: Wilder Mann and Yokainoshima.

October 5 to November 5

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