Foosball : Common Goals


Foosball : Common Goals

Latitudes Team

20 September 2018

Foosball, or table soccer, is often associated with hobbies and games, but companies are increasingly using it as a tool to strenghen the cohesiveness and efficiency of teams.

“With the explosion of startups, following the example set by Google more and more companies are asking us to set up a foosball table on their premises. Employees meet up for a game during their break, which is a good way to unwind and build team spirit,” explains Benjamin Conrazier, founder of Foosball Asia.

A French expat in Thailand for over 10 years, Benjamin created Foosball Asia 5 years ago to fill a gap in the Thai market. “This activity was practically nonexistent here, and there especially weren’t any good tables to play on.”

A sport that combines precision, technique, and reflex, foosball is accessible to everyone, regardless of players’ age or skill level, resulting in its growing success among Thai and expats settled in Thailand.

Based on the French model, Foosball Asia tables are made with telescopic arms that don’t extend past the other side of the table and have a soft playing surface with some grip. They are available in different colors: natural wood, modern black, or white.

“Tables can also be personalized, for example, with a company logo, and are available to rent,” Benjamin adds.