Learning thai, an app to set the tone

Learning thai, an app to set the tone


Learning thai,
an app to set the tone

Latitudes Team

14 September 2018

When learning thai coming from a western language, one of the first difficulties are the tones. This new mobile app can help you to read the thai language correctly but most of all, it will help you pronounce everything correctly!

“I like to learn new languages, so every time I’m going to a new country, I’m always searching for the most efficient way to learn the tongue,” explains Johann Baziret, a Belgian mobile app developer who lives in Chiang Mai.

“I was very confused by the tone rules difficulty. After questioning Thai friends, I discover that they are just learning the pattern by heart. I try that way but it’s far from being fun.”

Indeed, Thai is a tonal language and it has 5 tones (“Mid”, “Low”, “Falling”, “High” and “Rising”). If you are in a restaurant and order for rice (ขา้ ว – falling tone) but instead say White (ขาว – Khaao rising tone) or News (ขา่ ว-KhaaoLowtone),you might not be understood.

To perfect his learning of Thai and to be sure to get understood by pronouncing each word correctly, Johann decided to create a mobile application “Read Write Speak Thai” that would perfectly meet his needs while being fun.

With more than 350 sentences, a search engine by words or by vocabulary categories and a color system to easily identify tones as well as the ability to listen to the pronunciation of words, the application proves to be a very good tool. Another very useful bonus is the possibility to change the typography of the sentences, ranging from the simplest to the most stylized.

“The app evolves with my needs, but also with the needs of the people who have downloaded it. I’m listening to ideas and when it’s feasible, I add them to the application,” concludes Johann.


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