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Tailor-Made Yachts

Latitudes Team

30 April 2018

Astondoa ships are the result of 100 years of experience. To date, four generations have witnessed the production of more than 3,000 vessels and have remained firmly committed to technology with foundation based on design and innovation. Today Astondoa expands its international presence with the appointment of Yachtside as dealer to operate in Thailand from its office in Phuket for all models from 40 to 140 feet.

After many years in the industry, Astondoa has focused their operations on what they do best: building custom-made yachts.They do not aim to build thousands of boats because they have already done that. The complete satisfaction of a limited number of demanding customers gives meaning to their work. Only people who want individuality, quality and exclusivity can value an Astondoa. Part of their philosophy is to make sure that everything meets the highest quality standards, which is why they perform every task in their shipyard. All the woodwork, mechanical, polyester and upholstery processes are carried out by their own staff.

Building an Astondoa boat requires passion and commitment. Every ship is completely designed according to the preferences and needs of each customer. Every ship is unique and custom-made with attention to detail. Just like no two people are alike, no two Astondoas are alike either.

Ships from more than 30 years ago, like those of the GLX range, continue to be references for design. In 2006, with more than 500 employees, the Astondoa Group had the most extensive range of vessels manufactured by a single brand on the market.

Its products include 40-foot open boats, yachts over 120-foot long made of polyester resin reinforced with fibreglass, and megayachts up to 45-metres long with steel hulls and aluminum superstructures.

Today, the Astondoa family remains at the wheel of the shipyard. Mr Astondoa himself still welcomes you on the shipyard and is concerned by every client.

A hundred years of cruising

ASTONDOA’s history in the nautical world began in 1916 when the brothers Jesús and José Astondoa Martínez started building rowboats and traineras in a small carpenter’s workshop in Portugalete. After a logical pause due to the Spanish Civil War, they decided to take different paths, and Jesús Astondoa focused on building fishing ships and recreational boats.

In 1944, his son Jesús Astondoa Santamaría joined the family business and took over the shipyard shortly thereafter. Astondoa’s well-made wooden boats and quality finishes allowed the shipyard to gain national recognition. These were the first steps.

Once the company had established itself on the east coast, his children, the third Astondoa generation, also joined the shipyard. In the early 1980s, Astondoa stepped away from its traditional wooden production methods and began building boats using polyester resin reinforced with fibreglass. These advances in production techniques, combined with its stylish designs, confirmed Astondoa’s position as a leading European shipyard. The company’s presence at international trade fairs, as well as a number of awards for its quality, drove an industrial development that continues to this day.
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