Enjoy life and keep challenges away

Enjoy life and keep challenges away


Enjoy life and keep

challenges away

22 March 2017

Just released in january, this must-have guide in english provides you with the vital information you need to prevent or better handle medical issues that may specifically occur in the Asian tropics, whether you are a local resident, an expatriate or international traveler. 

With a very clear and illustrated design, this 430-page book is divided in 5 chapters covering 51 topics. You will easily learn to:

– Better handle the culture shock in local hospitals, make wise decisions to select the right doctor and avoid counterfeit medicines in remote areas.

– Prevent serious infections common to this part of the world, get clean water supply during natural disasters and recognize potential emergencies before they strike.

– Know which specific vaccines you need for your children, help your teens avert health issues at social events, or start first-aid in the event of snake bites or jelly-fish stings while vacationing on a tropical island… and many more.

This reader-friendly essential guide contains a glossary with more than 300 definitions. The last section is a listing of more than 100 first-line hospitals and clinics, referenced and documented, in 34 cities of 20 Asian countries.


Dr. Gerard Lalande, MD is a French physician with more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry in the Southeast Asian region. Graduated from Paris University with specialty diplomas in emergency medicine, tropical medicine and aviation medicine, he manages today CEO-HEALTH, a healthcare company specialized in high-end medical check-ups, medical referrals and strategic consulting in the healthcare field.

Available at Carnet d’Asie Bangkok and Kinokuniya Bookstore, Siam Paragon Bangkok and Asia Books.


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