Exhibition in Chiang Mai : Traces of a lost kingdom

Exhibition in Chiang Mai : Traces of a lost kingdom




Nalinee Nune Udomsinn

13 November 2017

The new exhibit at Tamarind Village, “Traces of a lost kingdom,” reflects the culture and customs of the mural paintings of the temples of the North.

The organizers have photographed major masterpieces (some of which are more than 5 centuries old) contained within the temples of Chiang Mai, in addition to Lampang and Nan. It is an invitation to go and see “in real life” the paintings you’re interested in.

The artisans of the north often opted for the “Lai Kham” technique (literally “gold patterns”), sticking patterns onto surfaces of black or red lacquer. According to the Tamarind Village, one major difference between Thai wall murals and the frescoes you find in Europe lies in the fact that Thais used natural pigments on dry plaster.

The heat and humidity of the country as well as poor maintenance (often due to a lack of means or knowledge) have made the Thai mural paintings extremely fragile. Thus, those which could have been admired 20 years ago have simply disappeared.

Until 28 February 2018, free entrance

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