Nana Bowls, the latest food trend in Phuket

Nana Bowls, the latest food trend in Phuket


Nana Bowls, the latest

food trend in Phuket

Latitudes Team

5 November 2017

A frozen smoothie, fresh fruits and seeds. It’s simple to make, delicious and healthy. The smoothie bowl is the new ultra-trendy snack. Since January one brand has started to take over Phuket: NanaBowls.

Forget about drinking your smoothie, now you eat it with a spoon! Made from antioxidant fruits and oleaginous seeds, NanaBowls are a truly energizing cocktail, with concentrated vitamins for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Behind the NanaBowls brand are Jess Moses and Phil Anthony, two young expat Brits who came to Phuket to create the world’s most delicious and healthy smoothie bowls. “In Bali, the healthy food concept is already well established. You can find smoothies and fresh fruit everywhere. But they usually add sugars and fats. Although it tastes really nice, you don’t always feel great after eating them. So, we had the idea of offering the same thing here in Phuket, but healthier,” says Jess Moses.

Actually, the bowls that the duo offers are guaranteed to contain no food additives or added sugars, meaning they use no syrup or dried fruit, not even dates or honey. Still in order to allow the body to better digest the sugar naturally present in fruits, they add coconut oil, plus between 20 and 35 grams of powdered vegetable protein, which corresponds to half of the daily protein requirement. Also, they contain no dairy, soy or gluten, and even their muesli has no oats, so there’s something to satisfy any dietary restriction, or nearly so.

Before settling in Phuket, Jess used to manage social network campaigns for “healthy” brands. Urged by her partner, Phil Anthony, she took the leap and moved to Phuket in December 2016. Three months later, the first NanaBowls were available in Rawai, at Wilson’s Cafe, Coffee Tribe, Origami Cafe, Action Point, and in Chalong at Coffee Cycle, and the Delish Cafe. The list of distributors continues to grow. A collaboration with the HeadStart international school is taking shape and NanaBowls even targets Bangkok and even so far as Dubai.

For now, the bowls are especially popular with foreigners, but by adapting their recipes and by using local fruits, the two young entrepreneurs hope to win over the local public. “The Thai people aren’t really familiar with the concept. To raise awareness, we’ve just added a new flavor using mango. Actually, we’re planning on changing our menu every three months depending on the fruits and vegetables of the season, as well as the flavors we are constantly developing with Phil,” says Jess, who also manages NanaBowls’s communication on social networks.

This autumn, you can enjoy a selection of 5 different bowls, all using bananas, coconut and 20 grams of powdered vegetable protein: RoseBerry Coconut (blueberry and rosewater), Supergreen Mint (avocado, spinach and mint), Strawberry Bliss (strawberry and peach), Tropical Mango (mango, peach and lemon), and Peanut Butter Salted Caramel (peanut butter, cinnamon and salted caramel).

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