Royal Funerals


Royal Funerals

Latitudes Team

5 October 2017

Thailand is preparing to bid farewell to its revered king bhumibol who died on 13 october 2016.

The funeral ceremonies will take place around the largest crematorium created since the funeral of King Rama V (Chulalongkorn) in 1911, a sign of the special place that Rama IX will forever have in the within the Chakri dynasty as well as in the hearts of his subjects. Designed to represent Mount Meru, the centre of the Hindu universe, the royal crematorium will embody the pinnacle of Thai architecture, with delicate towers adorned with images from mythology and from the life of the late king.

The ceremonies will take place from 25 to 29 October and the cremation itself is planned for 26 October, a day declared a public holiday in order to allow the population to pay homage to the Father of the Nation.

After the funeral, two exhibitions will be organised from 1 to 30 November. The first will be held in Sanam Luang and will offer a retrospective of the life of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the numerous royal projects he initiated throughout the country. In the heart of the Grand Palace, at Sala Luk Khun, a second exhibition will focus on the construction of the royal crematorium and the renovation of royal chariots and palanquins, as well as on the genesis of the architectural plans and the different artistic creations.

The period is expected to be intense with emotion for the Thai people, but tourism activities, as well as banks, hospitals and public authorities, will operate normally. While there is no obligation to dress in black and white, it is nonetheless recommended to adopt a respectful attitude during this period and to avoid garish colours and inappropriate behaviour.

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