Quantum medicine


Quantum medicine 

A new holistic approach

to conventional medicine

Latitudes Team

29 September 2017

Alternative therapies have taken off in recent years. Traditional medicine is based on the principle that the body’s organs are governed by biochemical exchanges between cells, quantum medicine states that our bodies emit vibrational fields. Our organs are connected to each other by vibrations emitted by our cells that communicate amongst themselves and exchange information.

In 1970, biophysician Fritz-Albert Popp filmed microparticles he called “biophotons,” particles of light that supported exchanges emitted by cells.

This is when energy therapy took shape, including Qigong in China, therapeutic touching, magnetism, Reiki, Lahochi, and so on. All these techniques are based on energy healing. One of these techniques, magnetism, is different because it based on a gift. It is explained that some people naturally have a greater number of magnetite crystals in certain parts of their bodies (hands, knees, eyebrows and heels).

In Phuket, the first energy healing (energetic healing by “magnétisme”) office specializing in pure magnetism just opened in July. Launched by a French/Spanish woman living on the island, Esmeralda Paya, the office caters to residents of Phuket as well as foreign clients who travel in for treatment and wellness.

The specialist in setting up businesses in Asia and in supporting SMEs for a little over twenty years took on this challenge in a country where magnetism is poorly understood by the locals. With a gift of healing and a sixth sense, she is the first legally authorized energy magnetist to settle in this field.

Since January 2017, she has been collaborating with the “Autism Guardian Assembly” of Phuket. Esmeralda has been interested in this cause for years and is concerned with the behavior of autistic children, and volunteers with them in Thailand. In the beginning, her proposal to try her energy healing on children affected by autism surprised those running the association because neither the representatives nor the family members knew anything about magnetism. In the end, the association decided to accept her and set up weekly appointments with autistic patients from 5 to 28 years old.

The first effects appeared within the first month. After nearly six months of therapy, all the cases had made progress even though some of them have been under medical treatment for more than 10 years with no results.

Some have noticed improvement of 50% compared to their initial condition. All the patients have stopped with their tantrums, sleep longer and have improved social relations. Some can express themselves better with more vocabulary and longer sentences. In late June, the association asked Esmeralda to extent her treatments for one year and a half so that other known autists in Phuket can benefit from her energy therapy. Her volunteering support for the local association will help more Thai families over the upcoming months. There are about two hundred autists in Phuket and there are limited structures to deal with them. Most of these people treated to date are autists who live with their parents and whose mothers take care of them constantly.

Magnetism is often one of the last alternatives considered whenever conventional medicine cannot manage some afflictions that become chronic and other diseases. It is applied to certain skin problems (shingles, eczema, etc.), arthrosis and arthritis, muscle pain, depression, wound healing (for diabetics or wounds that do not heal), digestive issues, anxiety, insomnia, and so on.

The therapy is 100% natural because it uses life flow and hands placed against the patient’s body. The therapy should always be used as a supplement to treatment given by a doctor if the patient is currently being treated medically.
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