Triplets Eat & Play:
Lanna Cabana


Triplets Eat & Play:

Lanna Cabana

Yves Liger

26 August 2017

Stationed only a few minutes from Chiang Mai on the road from Hang Dong, Triplets Eat & Play has been innovating for almost a year with its original concept of family dining designed to satisfy both the young and old.

Parents of young children often find themselves with a problem that’s hard to solve when it comes to going out to eat: either children are happy and the adults find things bland and boring, or the other way around. Franck and his wife Yu, a friendly French-Thai couple, must have found the solution to this tricky situation when life gave them the special gift of triplets. This happy event made them leave Bangkok for Chiang Mai, where in the heart of a lush garden, they found themselves a beautiful house to welcome their suddenly quite large family. For the joy of their three sons, along with an Austrian architect, Franck designed an extraordinary playground: a sort of shack made entirely out of bamboo built around a tree–everything that children around the world dream of. With its convoluted passages made up of platforms, ladders and ropes, a tunnel, a slide and a climbing net, it gives free reign to the vitality and creativity to delighted children, while their parents might very well regret they themselves have grown up so fast!

Once they set up this groundwork, Franck and Yu only had to come up with the concept and menu of their family restaurant. They naturally combined their different origins to offer cuisine based on Mediterranean and Thai influences, made from organic products as far as possible. Our mouths water starting with their appetizers, including gazpacho of perfectly seasoned tomatoes (a resounding success!), as well as salmon carpaccio, lamb kofta or shrimp skewers, and a gorgeously prepared humus. For salad-lovers, the classic Niçoise and Caesar salads can be found alongside unique creations including the “Beet Delight,” a harmonious combination of preserved red beets, gorgonzola, slivered almonds and balsamic vinegar, or a tabbouleh to rival the best recipes from North Africa and Lebanon. There are numerous temptations when it comes to meat and fish, with sumptuous Australian beef sirloin and a tantalizing New Zealand rack of lamb, an organic half-chicken, plus snapper fished from Thai waters. A few daily specials are offered regularly, including navarin of lamb subtly spiced with cinnamon, tender bœuf bourguignon and an original Sicilian seafood couscous, or hop back over to Italy with a generous selection of pizza and pasta!

The wine menu also features Italian, but also French and Chilean wines. Die-hard lovers of Thai gastronomy can also find the timeless classics such as various dishes of som tom, pad thai, tom yum, as well as larb moo, tom ka kai, and even the surprising spring rolls made with fresh mackerel.

As for the children, they will love discovering Zootopia mini-burgers, Tom & Jerry macaroni and Snow White spaghetti, especially concocted for them, not to forget the dessert menu, which includes a marvelous mango cheesecake, chocolate mousse, chocolate lava cake, tiramisu and a selection of ice cream and sorbets. The cherry on the cake is that this delicious cuisine is all homemade, and at very reasonable prices, putting this charming restaurant at the very top of our list of favorite spots in Chiang Mai.

Triplets Eat & Play occasionally organizes events, like a Friday barbecue (by reservation), and offers original menu specials and activities for all ages, including children’s birthday parties they won’t soon forget.

Info & reservation 053 441 369

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