Paintings by Myrtille Tibayrenc

20 July 2017

For the first time since graduating from art school, Myrtille Tibayrenc unveil in her first solo exhibition, Sublimation, a series of oil paintings recently produced.

Myrtille Tibayrenc, better known as Mimi in Thailand, is the director of the Toot Yung art center and co-director of the Bukruk urban arts festival. She has been based in Bangkok for over 10 years, actively promoting Thai artists here and abroad. In her free time she has never stopped her personal and intimate work as a painter.

For the first time since graduating from art school in France in 2005 (Ecole des Beaux Arts de Marseille and Dunkerque), Myrtille Tibayrenc, will unveil in her first solo exhibition, a series of oil paintings recently produced.

Myrtille’s art is equally painterly and provocative. Derived from the web, newspapers and social media, paintings of landscapes, portraits, porn, contemporary events communicate and elaborate a new language, a step away from the virtual reality and everyday random images we are constantly fed.

The contemporary composition derived from the web and newspaper contrast with the classical painting technique, enhancing the timelessness of the images. The artist does not focus on the image itself but on the latent violence it contains. The dimension of the canvases at times very tiny, resemble icons and barrow codes from religious European painting. But they also remind of the endless flow of images viewed each day on millions of smart phones, like an abundant and unhealthy food, reflecting our blindly consumerist era.

In an attempt to sublime the core violence of the world we live in, Myrtille’s painting is an invitation to penetrate a more intimate and silent dimension.

Serindia Gallery, OP place
21 July – 20 August 2017
Opening reception 21 July 2017 at 6PM

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