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Catherine Vanesse

14 July 2017

With true passion for golf and a real sense of style, the dresses by Frankie Goes To Hollygolf fit women perfectly, combining fashion, elegance and the practical side of sports outfits.

IF THE FIRST RECOUNTS OF BALLS AND STICKS GAMES ARE TO BE FOUND IN THE ANTIQUITY, the true origin of golf goes back to the 13th century in the Netherlands, where it grew up in popularity until the 17th century, before disappearing, because, among other things, the fashion has become more sophisticated, making the practice of this sport more difficult.

In its current version, golf dates back to the 18th century in Scotland, with the construction of the rst courses and the promulgation of the rules of play, which are still in use today.

For a long time, golf was exclusively reserved for men and it was only around the end of the 19th century and mainly during the 20th century that the discipline opened up, with the organization of the rst women’s tournaments at the end of the Second World War.

Since then, the presence of women on the greens has increased steadily, although they are still less numerous than men and some club didn’t allow them to get registered before recently, like the prestigious Scotland’s Muirfield Golf Course which opened to women only last March, 2017!

Fashion Swing

Fashion for women has also evolved since the end of the 19th century, when ladies used to handle the golf club wearing long dresses, corsets and hats, an outfit not really adapted and which excluded, almost in spite of themselves, the presence of the fair sex from the greens.

Simultaneously, the practice of sports such as horse riding, cycling, yachting, fencing, mountaineering and golf in the early 20th century will push more and more women to opt for pants, to the great displeasure of the Puritanism of the time. Since then, golf clothing has continued to adapt, in terms of materials and styles, although it remains rather classic: pants and polo for him, skirts and polo for her.

“I started playing golf at the age of 15 and from the beginning I faced the same problem: I never found nice and feminine clothes to play. I still had this issue many years later, I could not get hold of clothes in which I felt comfortable, chic and sexy,” explains Françoise ‘Frankie’ Perrin-Provins, creator of the brand Frankie Goes to Hollygolf in 2014.

After a career in different kinds of businesses, this Swiss woman who has spent several years in England and Switzerland reached a crossroads in her life, after her 3 children had all grown up and she had divorced. As she was interested in golf, fashion and design, it seemed logical for her to start a women’s golf wear company.

“I wanted to create what I would like to wear, a feminine and polyester-free line, a garment that I could adopt both on the green and in everyday life. After a game, we do not always have time to change before picking up the kids at school or going out for lunch,” adds this new Bangkokian. “Three quarters of the golf courses are set in Asia, I could have moved to Singapore or Hong Kong, but I wanted to be close to my production factory. And then I like to live in Thailand, this country brings me a lot of energy.”

With colorful dresses suited to all the bodies and matching with the cap, Frankie Goes to Hollygolf o ers two collections. The rst one is 100 % cotton, the second is Dry-Tech ber composed of 70 % Technicore and 30 % Dry-Tech. These dresses provide the comfort of cotton, but in a fabric specially adapted to a hot and humid weather.

Available through its online store, the Frankie Goes to Hollygolf collection is expected to be distributed soon in various outlets in Thailand and around Asia.

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