By Etienne Tripelon

12 June 2017

Saroo is only 5 years old and stays in an ordinary Indian village. He lives within a family that is as poor at it is loving, where each member does the best to bring home something to eat.

One evening, after insisting on leaving to go to work with his big brother, he gets lost. Here’s where his adventure begins, leading him very far from home and forcing him to survive in Calcutta, the sprawling city where danger lurks at every street corner. Eventually adopted by an Australian family, Saroo seems to be happy in his new life. But 25 years later, the need becomes irrepressible: using Google Earth, a few memories and an unwavering will, he will do anything to find his family again.

Directed by Garth Davis, an Australian filmmaker, of whom we can scarcely believe this is his 1st feature film because of its precise staging and breathtaking aesthetics. Lion is a drama that is obviously full of emotions (where it’s hard to remain untouched by the trials faced by Saroo)yet which skillfully avoids falling (too much) into pathos. The focus on the main characters eventually pays off. We have to say that it is particularly well played both as a child by Sunny Pawar and as an adult by Dev Patel, whom we saw for the first time in Slumdog Millionaire, and more recently in Chappie. Lion tells the story of a completely unexpected, unlikely life that begins in absolute poverty along with even more injustice. It is the story of a life that is even more unbelievable since it’s completely true, inviting us also to re ect on what makes up our identity and on the importance of our roots.

STARRING Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara
GENRE : American Australian British drama
DVD RELEASE June 30, 2017

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