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5 June 2017

Eager to make Thailand the world’s top destination for medical tourism, private and hospital plastic surgery clinics are multiplying and often nd themselves full. While Westerners often wait until the e ects of time start to show on their face or gure, our Thai friends don’t hold back on procedures from the age of 20.


With over 25 years of experience in surgery and practiced in cosmetic procedures, Dr. Danai welcomes you to his clinic in Chiang Mai, where “art and science reveal everyone’s beauty”.

Lifting Without Bistoury

In recent years, new techniques in non-invasive plastic surgery have been developed as an alternative to classic plastic surgery. Less risky, less expensive, simpler, and faster, they incorporate gentle rejuvenation methods in order to progressively and naturally refresh the appearance with minimal influence.

The spider web facelift technique, for example, is a non-surgical procedure designed to rejuvenate and realign the face. Developed by Dr. Bülent Cihantimur, who was inspired by the structure of a spider’s web, the strongest and most elegant structure in nature, the technique uses thin needles to thread absorbable medical wires into the skin. The body reacts to these wires and weaves its own biological web around them. This stimulates the production of collagen and increases the level of elastin. Performed under local anesthesia, the session lasts less than half an hour, and patients can wear makeup and go back to work immediately after the procedure. This technique can also be applied to the neck, arms, chest, and buttocks.

HIFU therapy is a very safe technique that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to combat looseness in facial skin. It is not designed to give the face more volume, but rather to stretch the loose tissue, especially recommended for loose necks and cleavage, drooping eyelids, and collapsed eyebrows.

The device sends ultrasound waves to di erent depths of the skin (up to 4.5 mm) in order to act upon each layer (muscle or fat, deep dermis, epidermis). Each point of impact retracts the skin, which is also stimulated in depth and on the surface. This thermal intervention will activate the production of new collagen bers and stimulate the processes of skin regeneration.

Sessions are painless, with some tingling in the area, last less than an hour, and do not interfere with exposure to sunlight before or after treatment.

These two techniques already show visible effects immediately after the procedure, but they mostly respond over time, and the lifting effect is accentuated week after week until reaching its peak at the end of three months and one to two sessions.

The Most Classic Techniques

Botulinum toxin, or Botox, is, of course, on offer, to be renewed every six months, to correct expression lines in the forehead (crow’s feet and lion wrinkles between the eyebrows).
To erase the main signs of aging (i.e., deep wrinkles), hyaluronic acid, an absorbable molecule that is naturally present in large quantities in our bodies, can smooth the barcode above the upper lip and fill in smile lines.

Dr. Danai uses the range of English Dysport and Swedish Restylane products, which have an extensively proven track record.

An anti-aging cure-all, yes, as long as it’s combined with a healthy lifestyle (no alcohol, no tobacco, not very much red meat, physical activity, vegetables, etc.) because it’s very important to give our skin what it needs to produce collagen and high-quality elastin, as well as antioxidants to combat aging.

Are you ready for a little getaway in the north of the kingdom to rejuvenate for a few hours?

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