Coco Life Tropical Spa
Wellness Sanctuary


Wellness Sanctuary

3 June 2017

Perched on a lush hilltop overlooking the Kamala Bay, Coco Life Tropical Spa represents a secret haven for your senses, promoting relaxation and good care.

It’s high time to get a break and take care of yourself. So block-off half a day and let Coco Life Tropical Spa take charge. When you enter this gorgeous site hidden in the heart of the tropical forest, the hectic life of Phuket seems to have been left behind at the doorway, and the only thing left is to let yourself be pampered.

The 3.5-hour Coco Retreat program, the house specialty, restores balance to your body and mind by using perfectly natural products.

The first hour invites you to relax near the pool and waterfalls and take advantage of the steam bath and sauna to empty your mind and prepare your skin and pores to receive the treatments. Follow up with a 10-minute foot bath and a 50-minute whole-body cream and grated coconut scrub, which will gently remove dead cells and nourish the skin to make it soft. Finally, a 90-minute coconut oil aromatherapy massage will leave you satis ed, and you’ll be disappointed it’s already over.
Other packages, from 2.30 to 4 hours, are on offer, starting at 2,500 Baht.

+66 (0)76 279 218,
+66 (0)954280478
From 10 am to 10 pm
10/15 Moo 6, Kamala, Phuket

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