Be Sublime with Aquagym

Be Sublime with Aquagym

Shaping, cladding, firming, strengthening and toning are the key words for a dream silhouette, rock-hard abs, round buttocks and tapered thighs. But at what cost?

YES, gymnastics without (too much) effort and without aches afterwards is possible, provided it is done in an aquatic environment. Nothing is more normal in Thailand than wanting to do outdoor sports, rather than shutting yourself up in a room. Whether you know how to swim or not, for lazy people like we are, as well as for the elderly or convalescent people, or people with respiratory issues or emphysema, aquagym courses with equipment are perfect, and the discipline is one of the few sports in which everybody in the world can participate.

An aquatic exercise is 3 times its dry equivalent. All of the muscles are gently required and blood circulation is accelerated, allowing for a better removal of fats and toxins. You will flatten your stomach and refine your silhouette, all while shaping your body, because the action of water has a “palpating and rolling” massage effect on the skin that melts cellulite. Your skin will be firm and smooth after just a few sessions!
We have tested for you the courses given at Rawai’s Ton Mai Spa.

Immersed in the water, the aquabike, the elliptical stepper and the treadmill all allow you to alternate between exercises in the water, accompanied by music.
Throughout the sessions Hervé adds small variations and additional exercises to benefit the participants even more. He works to motivate the participants to surpass themselves, all in good humor. He is a real coach. You go back, you like the sessions, and you ask for more. The ideal frequency to obtain real results is 3 times one hour per week.

It’s fun and it really works. What are you waiting for?

Resident rates: The annual fee is of 1,200 Baht.
Then, get 10 tickets for 1,200 Baht (120 Baht /class)
Tourist rate: 240 Baht per class without registration


Adresse: Viset Road, Rawai Beach, Phuket

Tel: Hervé +66 (0) 987 378 741


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